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Millions of dollars invested in virtual real estate

By Jessaly Silva

The real estate market is on the rise. This past year we have broken unbelievable market records - not to mention it has all been during a global pandemic. With everything going on in the tangible world, Facebook had been hiding a huge secret - their plans to become a complete virtual world.

Since the announcement and corporate name change of Facebook to Meta platforms, real-life people have been paying real money for online land plots and real estate. The investment has grown so large that the prices for plots of land have skyrocketed up to 500%. The cheapest plots are selling for close to $12,000.

So what do people plan to do with these virtual land plots? Exactly what is done with them in real life. Malls, museums, and stores are all good examples of what people are planning to build on these plots. The plans for the metaverse is huge. Astronomical, even. The idea is for people to spend tons and tons of time on the metaverse socializing and making real human connections. Games like Animal Crossing are all metaverse games, but now things are changing and developing into real life investments and serious business - even if it hasn't gone completely live yet.

The metaverse land prices have started to mirror actual real estate prices. In which land plots can reach as far as $1.0 million. The record highest plot was priced at $4.3 million for real estate. Since digital socializing has become increasingly popular, some would consider ownership of a virtual property as a luxury that is more valuable than real life investments.

People genuinely are turning to this virtual reality- they even are expecting them to have thriving economies much like the real world, so if you're looking into investments, it might be smart to turn to metaverse Zillow.

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