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5 Home Decor Trends in 2022

By Jessaly Silva


We made it through the dragging winter of 2021-2022, and spring is finally in bloom. Let's celebrate by decorating our home with all the colors and décor that takes us to our happy place. The colors winning this year are sky blue, scarlet, rich green, and illuminating yellow. With the right decoration strategies, your home could be set for the season. Let's take a look at 5 savvy tips on how to keep your home aligned with the trends of the season!

Tip #1 : Go green!

It's no surprise that greenery is taking over this year - and every year! Spring is in bloom - literally.

Since the pandemic, indoor gardening has become more popular than ever! House plants really accent our home's features but also promote a variety of health benefits! Plants such as an Alocasia Silver Dragon, Pothos, and Areca Palm trees will be a reoccuring trend in people's home this year! Paired with beautiful Tulips, Daisies, and other flowers - these greens will make your home look absolutely gorgeous this season!

Tip #2 : Cabinet Creations

With an insane housing market this year, people are going crazy spending more now than ever on their kitchens! There are several predicted kitchen tends for 2022, and cabinets are #1 on the list. This year all white kitchens are out, and earthy tones are in. Warm off-white cabinets and taupe colors are trending. Greige is taking over to keep a light feel in the kitchen for those who love colored kitchen cabinets. For the people who are completely opposed to any color on cabinets, natural wood tones are in as well! Light driftwood and walnut colors have made a statement in kitchens everywhere. They are always a great decision for a neutral cozy look. Paired with matte bronze handles - your kitchen will thank you for the facelift.

Tip #3 : Foyer Décor

Quit lying to yourself by saying that you don't need to decorate the entry way "all that much", it's the first thing anyone who enters your home sees! Let's put that on the new year's resolution for 2022 : Decorate your entry way! Most entry ways are a challenge to decorate - there's no lie about that one, but that doesn't make it impossible to decorate. Start by adding a console table to keep essential things that you need when you leave the home! It's very useful, but holds so much potential to be stylish! Using earth toned decorations, you can add vases with floral décor, a stylish lamp, and stage some books on the table. You can hang a beautiful round mirror above the table to open up a small room as well.

Don't like the idea of a console table? That's okay! Minimalistic vibes are also in this year! You can add a wooden bench to the space! A lot of wooden benches can serve multiple purposes in your entry way. By adding accent pillows or a rug, you can add color to the space. Under the bench you can save an area to take your shoes off when you walk in the house. By adding a beautiful mirror over the bench, once again, you can open up that small space in the room!

Tip #4 : Color Texture and Warmth

This year everyone is looking for color, texture, and warmth. People are warming up to hard finishes, grid style designs, matte glazes, wood paneling, stone tiles, sky blues, green kitchens, and many more. For 2022, designers are drooling over earthy tones and darker wooden furnishings. Mosaic tile in bathrooms have been everywhere - the finger tile is in. A solid color followed with an aesthetic texture is what people want to see. Aside from that, white or cream walls with checkered floors are also in! What a trend right?

Tip #5 : Be Bold

While 2021 was all about being braver for colors, 2022 still feels the need to reflect that. Granted, earth tones and warm colors are in, but there's something about vivid greens and blues that people just want to stand out this year. Bold ceilings and walls are trending. Familiar blues and nature inspired greens are being used to accent homes this year. On walls, ceilings, and cabinets we are seeing these colors more and more often. Much like 2021, 2022 is inspired by natural beauty.

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