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How To Find Your Dream Home Online

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

As everything shifts to the digital world during these unprecedented times, one thing is for sure. The home search process has always started online. Maximum One® has given you the top tips to navigate the online search process to find your dream home!

Know Your Dream Home Budget.. and Stick With It

Make sure you clearly define the budget that is most affordable for you before purchasing a home. One of the most common mistakes home buyers make when searching for their dream home is not defining and sticking to their budget. This can cause homebuyers to get their hopes up when they find a home they love, but it is just too pricey.

Use a Property Search Website to Find Your Dream Home

Sites such as, allow you to search for a property with ease and confidence. Our website narrows down your search and makes it easier to find your next home by providing filters such as price, bedrooms, bathrooms, amenities, school district, square footage, lot size and more! The map search tool also allows potential homebuyers to search for homes on a map, listing the prices of each home conveniently in the area you want to purchase your dream home.

Real Estate Agent and Online Search: Your Perfect Combo

Using a seasoned and professional real estate agent plus online search is the winning combination for homebuyers! Not only do you have your own online search, but you also have access to the MLS by using an agent. The MLS is a private database of homes for sale that automatically updates with accurate data. With the help of your agent, they can easily help you widen your search for your dream home with the exact features in a home that you desire! There will be times where the expertise of an agent is needed and where your own online search won’t suffice. Maximum One® Realty professional agents are experts who know the market, will guide you through the home buying process, provide real-time updates, and make sure you get your dream home for the best price!

Do Your Research

If you have your dream home in mind, make sure to do your research to narrow down your list even more. Be sure to look up the neighborhood your desired home is located in. Check for safety and crime scores, school rankings, as well as the proximity to restaurants, stores, highways and public transit! Researching always gives you better insight into the neighborhood you are wanting to purchase a home in! And don’t forget to ask questions about the neighborhood or location of a home to your real estate agent!

Interested in purchasing your dream home? Let Maximum One® Realty help you today! Our professional and seasoned agents are ready to help you buy a home with confidence. Don’t wait, contact us today or call 470-400-9877 or 770-835-4311!

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