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5 Ways to Market Your Business on Social Media

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

These days, social media is a crucial part of any online marketing strategy. For one, it helps boost your online presence by getting your name out there. When you market your business on social media, it makes it easier for people to find you (and your business) online via Google and other search engines. Plus, it offers myriad ways to engage and connect with future clients. Here are a few different ways to market your Realtor® services on social media.

1. Set up a Facebook business page

This awesome guide from HubSpot walks you through how to get started with Facebook marketing. First, follow their step-by-step instructions how to set up your Facebook business page. If you’ve already done that and you’re looking to get more advanced, browse their library of useful Facebook marketing tips, including “How to Advertise on Facebook,” “How to Get Facebook Likes,” and “Tracking and Measuring Results with Facebook Analytics.”

2. Create (or spruce up) your LinkedIn profile

When it comes to marketing your business, networking is key. LinkedIn is a huge online professional networking platform where you can find and connect with other professionals in the real estate and appraisal industry. And it’s a great way for others to find you, too. If you’re not already on LinkedIn, you can join here.

If you’ve already joined, make sure you’re taking advantage of this platform. Update and spruce up your profile—making it immediately clear what services you offer. Connect with other appraisers and professionals in related industries. And consider creating a LinkedIn Page for your business.

For more in-depth info, read our article: How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Small Business.

3. Join industry-specific groups

Another way to leverage online networking via social media is to join industry-specific groups. For example, here’s a list of Facebook groups for Realtors: Real Estate Agents helping Real Estate Agents, Real Estate For Sale or Rent in Southeast Georgia REALTOR® Pro Solutions. While you probably won’t be allowed to post advertisements within these groups, they’re a great place to connect with industry insiders, which could lead to business referrals and opportunities down the line.

4. Use Twitter to market your business

For some, Twitter may be a tricky way to market your business on social media. However, if you can keep up with fast pace, it can pay off. Check out Neil Patel’s 12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips (That Actually Work) for expert advice on how to effectively utilize this platform. Plus, browse his blog for even more social media marketing tips.

5. Purchase paid ads on social media

Paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Twitter require more of an investment, but they typically pay off more quickly. Especially if you don’t have many followers on your free social media pages, paid ads may be the way to go. Use this Facebook Ads Guide for Beginners from Disruptive Marketing to get started. It walks you through how to build your first ad campaign and explains all the options available, making it a stress-free process.

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