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6 Easy Steps to Get Your Fireplace Ready for the Season

Have you started enjoying your fireplace? Shivering weather is finally upon us, but before you turn on your gas fireplace remember that they need a little annual TLC to perform at its best. Follow these 6 easy steps to ensure that your fireplace is ready for the season.

1: Gas Fireplaces Need Loving

Every fireplace needs an annual check! First things first, turn your gas valve off and make sure your fireplace is cool. Next, remove any decorative front and carefully access the glass and firebox assembly according to your fireplace’s owner’s manual.

2. Inspect & Clean the Glass Assembly

Inspect for scratches or any damages to the glass. Scratches on the glass can cause the glass to lose strength and could lead to glass breakage. If the glass is scratched or damaged in anyway, do not use the fireplace until a new glass is installed. To clean, wipe down both sides of the glass with a soft cloth and a cleaner specified for “fireplace glass.” Never use abrasive cleaners that could scratch the glass. Don’t forget to inspect the gasketing. This is an important piece that provides a seal between the glass assembly and combustion chamber. If it appears worn or damaged it may need to be replaced, as it keeps the byproduct of combustion, like carbon monoxide, from entering the home.

3. Clean the Inside and Outside of the Firebox

Remove any dirt or dust from the inside the firebox or logs by using a soft paint brush or vacuum. Inspect it for signs of rust, flaking, or soot, and check the pilot assembly for any signs of soot or impedance of flame to ignite the burner. Lightly sand away any rust or flaking and repaint with the appropriate paint.

4. Check the Outside Vent

You want to be sure that the vent for your fireplace is free of nests, leaves, grass clippings or other debris. Two places to check for your fireplace vent are the side of your home or on the roof.

5. Check your Carbon Monoxide Detector

Don’t forget to test your carbon monoxide detector to make sure it is secured in place and functioning. Be sure it’s at least four to five feet above the floor or near the ceiling, but not directly over the fireplace.

6. Check the Burner Ignition

A good fireplace burner should light smoothly and without delay. If the burner does not light smoothly, it may be a good time to reach out for professional assistance.

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